A Letter to Home

Dear Daughter

Sal woke only four hours later as the sun peeked into his hotel room through a slit in the blinds.  He got up, made some coffee and wondered what time it was back in Southgate.  ‘Time?  What day was it?’ he thought absently as he sipped his morning brew and moved to the desk which provided a full-sized key entry pad that could be enabled on its surface.  He sat down and tapped the panel lock.  The display lit up.  ‘Thank God it wasn’t Klingon!’ He was elated to find that this hotel must have been built when the Federation was still controlling this sector.  The display cycled through a standard Star Fleet boot sequence and revealed a standard 80-key Terran alphabet.  His PADD was already in the dock and so Sal logged into it and opened his messenger once again and began to type:

To: Joia d’Cel
From: Sal
Via: SHJ-Rosetto Personal Network

Hey you!
Thanks for all of the letters. I do read them and mommy’s correct in that I have been busy here. Unfortunately it has not been work. I will meet my new boss for the first time later today. The Commonwealth also has the ports closed here but I have spoken to some locals and they said that it’s no big deal. It’s probably just a Federation Inspection Team conducting a port inventory check.

Yeah angel, it’s a different world out here. You never know what’s going to happen next or who’s going to come around the next corner. You gotta keep on your toes but then you never had an issue with that! LOL Your DANCE honey… Anyway, I wanted to sit down and answer some of the questions you had in the last five messages that you’d sent.

“What’s a Klingon like?”
Well, I have only met a couple of them here and they are friendly in their own way. They didn’t kill me. (joking) Let’s see. They are all taller than most people and usually larger too. Yes, they do ‘smell’ but it’s not like you think. It’s just not what you’re accustom to. They are very direct and ‘to-the-point’ when they speak. At first it might seem rude but it is not their intent. Other than that they are pretty much like you and me, kiddo…

“The kids at school wanna know if you’re involved with the ‘Rainmakers’?”
Absolutely not, dear. I don’t know what your friends are thinking but I am here to work and to explore. I do not intend to get mixed up in any of the local politics.

“Are all Orion Women like animals?”
Honey, you must learn to be more accepting of differing cultures if you are to explore the worlds out here. We are all animals. We have primal thoughts that are derived from our reptilian brains. Ask your Biology teacher. As for the Orions, they are different. They have different motives and values. I should think that we will encounter more of them out here since we are near Orion space. From the few who, I’ve met, the women are very attractive looking and let’s just say they have a way with men and leave it at that for now.

“How many stars are there? Is it day all the time?”
Yes, the concentration of stars is greater here in the cluster but again, it’s not like you think. Here on Tranquility we are near the core and even though most of the surrounding stars are much hotter than our sun on K’Normia, they are not so bright and so big as the would light up the night sky. Densities like that only occur in active nebulae and the galactic core, angel.

“What time is it there?”
This is an interesting question. A present it is 8 Hours local time. There are 38 of these periods in one day cycle. So, basically it’s morning here, but one day here is nearly two full days there.

Well, I hope I answered all of your questions thus far. I’m going to get cleaned up and go down stairs and have some breakfast. I miss you too, angel.

Lugs & Hisses!

Sal sat and stared at the message, reread it several times and then tapped send. How could he fault her. He was missing her probably as much as she missed him. He leaned back in the desk chair and opened his mind while he tried to relax. Another swig of coffee and he’d get up, shower and get dressed. He sipped his coffee and closed his eyes.

“Sallie? It’s time for bed!”
“Mom. I’m not tired. I’m stilling playing star ranger on the holo-cube.”
“Put that game away. Do I need to come in there?”

Cindy, Sal’s mother entered his bedroom anyway. He knew she would and had just one more asteroid to destroy before he made it to level 7. It wasn’t to be tonight. Cindy tapped the power and the hologram disappeared. Sal was about six at the time and he could see that his mother wasn’t too upset but also that he’d best not press the issue.

“Now get your P.J.’s on and brush your teeth.”
“oh, awe-rite…” He replied with as much enthusiasm as a sym-bot reading poetry.

He relented to his mother’s requests, brushed he teeth, donned some pajamas and darted off to his bed. His mother was still in the room and she had an e-book in her hand. Sitting down on his toy box next to his bed she began to read:

“Mushi & Her Mews: A Tail of Two Kitties”

“Now this story was written by your great-great-grandfather many years ago and back on Earth. It’s become a tradition in our family to pass it on to our offspring.”

Sal looked at his mother with his eyes sparkling. “Really Mommy? My great…great-grandfather?” He struggled with the phrase and Cindy smiled.
“Yes, now be still so I can read this, okay?”

Sal straightened up under the covers, stiff as a board and squeezed his eyes tightly closed. Cindy continued:

“The first kitten was young and struggling with the usual growing pangs combined with unusually stressful social issues in her home. She was a good kitten; a precious kitten, really; not crazy, just a little unwell. She was a very playful kitten and as most, she sometimes got a little too excited. She could be very nice though and purr in your lap for hours if you let her. Most people miss that part of her entirely, especially those who are closest to her. This only compounds the issues for her. She became confused as to their intent and unsure of their love. I’m certain that she had attempted to communicate her feelings but because of past deeds and actions taken by her (the incident with the toilet paper roll comes to mind). They listened to her mews no more. So she was usually alone with her thoughts and was never allowed to freely play with the other kittens in the neighborhood. This aged her mentally and this inward turn made her recluse and unreachable. She was safe and warm there so that’s where she stayed most of the time. She would never let anyone get in too far, too close. The story of this tragedy is known not from this kitten’s lips alone but through her emotional aura which to some was as bright as a quasar but invisible to most.”

“This night was a rare occasion for her and she was out of her cage for the evening and her leash was not tethered. She was in eye shot though so those who loved her could also watch her closely. She took the opportunity to explore in the moonlight. She danced about a fallen branch and toyed with various twigs and leaves. It was fun but soon she became bored. Then out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of a shiny object covered slightly with the ground clutter. It was a multi-colored ball of twine and she found it very fascinating. Some of its threads shimmered in the moonlight and the sparkles danced about gaily. With a quick paw she batted at the ball but it refused to move. One more swat caused it to teeter but nothing else. She was very discerned and so she reared back and pounced! It was almost as big as she was but she held on and finally it began to roll with her attached. Catching her balance, she let go and the ball rolled away. She chased after it!”

“It came to a stop and she reared to pounce again. The game was on! Then she saw the paws; the place where the ball had stopped. One paw was raised slowly and settled on top of the ball. It was smooth and black and looked very powerful. She meekly looked up at the owner of the paws. His eyes were bluer than blue and in them she just melted. This was the second kitty.”

“Now this kitten was very similar to the first. He was much older and had been docile for countless years. Of late, he would on occasion venture out to play in the moonlight. Tonight he was mewing sweetly and quietly to himself. He would never venture too far from home though because he too could become overly excited and cause troubles on the home front. Like the first, he had social issues which he had overcome for the most part. Other kittens, however, rarely understood his actions and usually feared him and kept their distance. He knew this and like the first, he remained alone with his thoughts. Casually he was known as that quiet one over in the corner that wouldn’t harm a mouse. They all knew of him but few really knew who he was inside. No one got inside his inner realm because no one understood this world. He knew that.
The black cat now rolled the ball back and forth causing it to sparkle sporadically in the dim light and she watched curiously. A warm smile grew across his face as he gently tossed the ball over by an isolated tree. She immediately darted after it, jumping up and pouncing again! She fell head over heals and tumbled into the darkness. His smile turned to laughter as he watched his new found friend play. She seemed so happy to play with his simple ball of twine.”

“The ball happened at his feet again and she was there next to it. Then their eyes met they never broke stare. Each gazed deeply into the other for what seemed hours and hundreds of miles. There were no words exchanged but he quietly mewed and purred at the moon above them and she silently listened. There was no need for words because these two had shared emotions on a different level. They shared a common tail! When she wagged it, he felt its gentle tug.”

Cindy looked and little Sal was sound asleep.

Sal remembered this event as if it had happened yesterday. But he also vividly remembered a similar occasion spent with his own little Joia.


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