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After The Interview

After Joe left, Sal continued with Chris talking about exactly what he could and could not provide for the QoB crew. He explained in detail his knowledge of astrophysics emphasizing that it was his minor study at the academy but that he had kept it as a hobby since. Sal showed Chris some of the work he did from the observatory on Sunny Ridge and the systems that he had catalogued from the available data on the Hyades Cluster Group. He also tried (until Chris’ eyes glazed over) using diagrams and calculus equations on his PADD to explain that there was a way to navigate safely through the core but that it would some time to work up an exact flight plan. Chris still seemed disinterested in his navigational skills and this discouraged him a little.

There was a familiar indicator blinking on his display and it began to be annoying so Sal excused himself from the table and walked over to an isolated corner of the room and opened his messenger.

To: Sal
From: Harriet
Via: SHJ-Rosetto Personal Network

Hi Sal…
We got your message yesterday. How did your interview go? I was talking to Dad and he said that he had met a Federation Officer named Joseph Manning. Or at least he thought he remembered the name. Anyway, he’s gonna do some checking. I’ll let you know what he finds out.

According to Joia, you haven’t been writing. I hope you’re not falling back into one of your drinking binges. I told her that you were probably just really busy with the new job and all. You’ll tell me different if it is, though, right? Yeah, I’m still worrying about you. You know I always will, Sal. Love has never been our issue.

Speaking of issues, I also spoke to the lawyer three days ago. There may be one concerning cash flow. Okay, Hun, settle down. I know we agreed on selling Haxnar Industries and retaining the vineyards. Well, Bill said that there were some adverse claims and a secondarily liable on a negotiable instrument? Yeah, it’s Greek to me too. I think it’s those partners that you signed on when we contracted with the Federation for colonization expansion. You’ll get the papers with this message. Please look them over and tell me what to tell Bill.

Well, I have a luncheon with the Federation Advisor to Colonial Affairs and I’m running late because Joia had some issues with a new boyfriend and the west regulator is on the blink again. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Love you, Babe


He closed the messenger and stuffed the PADD back into his pocket thinking that he’d deal with this back in the room. He then walked straight up to the bar and ordered a Rom Ale from Pete and offered to pay but Pete’s hand waved him off and he pushed the latinum back in Sal’s direction.

“Joe was adamant about it, Sal. Drink. Enjoy.”

He thanked the bartender and then returned with a painted smile to the highly active table. He took a sip of his ale and then remembered that ‘this’ was the substitute stuff, a synthehol-based concoction that was much cheaper than true Romulan Ale. Sal would have to get used to the ‘not so’ finer points to life out here.


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