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The QoB 25 credit tour

Sal came up the main hatchway ramp in the aft of the vessel. This had become the only way to normally board the QoB since the transporter systems had been removed. It was a huge open bay area with storage racks on either side and a central hall ahead. In the hall were three closed doors and a gangway leading up to the main deck.

On this deck as he entered from the gangway he found a long corridor that lead to the main bridge. Another gangway was adjacent leading up to the crew quarters and a short hall behind opened into main engineering. Entering main engineering, the chief’s office was left and work shop and tool crib were on the right. There were steps down to the main floor where the reactor cores and various control panels stood. The impulse power reactor was housed behind the primary warp reactor and the ceiling was lower back there. Access to the warp coils was gained via port/starboard gangways at the end of corridors on either side of the deck.

Coming back out of Engineering and into the central corridor, the junior crew quarters, where he would be staying, were to the right and the left half was divided into three small staterooms for passengers. Further down the corridor was the Astrophysics and Primary Computer Labs. Just before entering the main bridge was a gangway leading down.

Eyeshot, when entering the main bridge, was the captain’s chair with its raised ceiling and lighting. On the right was a door to the captain’s Ready Room and Office. Opposite the Ready Room was the 1st mate’s office. Sal stepped onto the main bridge standing behind the captain’s chair. There was a clear view of the primary screen with control stations flanking it on both sides. To the far right was the gunner’s turret and beyond that was access to the main sensor array control room. His stations, Navigation, Science and Helm were to the captain’s left.

Leaving the bridge, Sal went down the gangway just off the bridge which led to the VIP quarters. There were large accommodations for the captain, 1st mate and also two VIP suites. Beyond the suites in the forward compartment was the torpedo room. Sal discovered that it could now only be accessed via the sensory control room above it.

Sal left the VIP Quarters and went back down the main corridor. He then climbed the gangway that led to the upper deck. This was a longer gangway for this deck was perched above the raised ceiling of the engineering deck. Here Sal found the Sickbay, Mess Hall, a workout room, laundry and the kitchen. The deck also contained the senior crew quarters which lined the starboard side.


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