Attention Span Deficit

Sal wasn’t paying much attention.  He was still concerned about Manning and his attitude.  Trust was understandable however in Sal’s eyes he had now risked his own life twice in the same night and was still no closer to getting a job than he was 16 hours ago.  Manning was hiding something.  There was some other reason why he was intentionally being vague about signing Shane and him on.  He also didn’t know who this Parson character was that had seemingly dropped out of the sky.  Was he a member of the crew as well?  Sal did not remember seeing him earlier at the Maze.  He seemed willing enough to help, seemed to know Nickles as well as Pher.  Sal could only assume that he was indeed a crew member.

There was a buzz in his pocket and Sal knew who it was.  He had half expected it to occur at a less reasonable time.  Reaching in with his free hand, he pulled out his PADD and looked.  It was a message from Joia.  Her button-nosed face had filled the display and it brought a smile to his face.  It was accompanied by a frown because right now he really wanted Harry’s results.  Two full days had passed on K’Normia since he had sent his message.  As they see each other on a daily basis, Sal knew that she had had plenty of time to ask her father about Manning.  He put in back in his pocket knowing what ever it was it would have to wait until they got settled somewhere.


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