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The Haxnar Deal

Sal finally had some time to catch his breath as well as catch up on his life. He was beyond tired and moving with pure adrenaline. The smell of fresh brewed coffee danced in the back of his mind. He wondered if Pher had any on hand; if she’d mind if he made some. He looked around the room that she had which was sparse in refinement. She was occupied with Nickles and he wasn’t about to go nosing around in her cabinets.
The last thing that he wanted to do was to pore over legal documents but it had to be done if the sale of Haxnar Industries was going to go smoothly. With his PADD linked through the hotel network, Sal plopped himself on the chair by the desk and put his feet up. He paused for a long moment and sighed as he tried to get his mind refocused. With a couple of quick taps he was staring the first of three documents that Harry had sent.
Sal didn’t trust lawyers but he trusted Bill. After 5 annuls he had proven his worth many times over. Sal knew that Bill was duly compensated but felt that there was also a closer bond. Being a native K’Normian which simply meant that he was born there but he lived and breathed the cultural subtleties. Sal had brought him in on Haxnar late in the game after the previous firm had caused them to lose a very lucrative account with Galdwen Supplements on Betazed. With Bill’s help, Sal was able to recover quickly and purchase the K’Mondu properties for 20% under market value. It was a sweet deal. Of course, Bill stood to gain a chunk of latinum for its sale as well.
After he finished reading the documents, Sal dictated a message to follow up his business with the sale. For Sal, in was concise and brief. He was not known for being either. But he was true to form with his bottom line requirements. Regardless of his current situation, Sal still felt a strong obligation to his family and to their welfare. They had always come first.

To: Bill Swanson
From: Sal
Via: SHJ-Rosetto Personal Network

I’ve read over the documents on the purchase by Douglas & Dawson that Harry sent. I concur with the sale of the main properties in Roseland and Southgate. Six million credits is a fair price and I’m certain that we can come to an equally fair agreement with Rosenbloom and Wiess. As long as they are retaining the controlling interest in the Roseland facility they will be satisfied. I am more concerned with the buyers’ credentials. I know that you have assured us they are clean but you know that I have never found trust in offworlders. Can you forward me more information on them?
As for the sale of the properties on K’Mondu to Danberry Industries I have a few objections. As you well know, there are five self-sustaining geothermic power cells on the Thiberian coast and three more at the secondary site in the Valkrit plains. The sites were fully funded by the UFP and remittance had been received two standard years ago. On the Federation Market their net worth is 3 million credits, alone. Further, each site house 15 families and term contracts were signed with these families. The sites have been fully manned, productive and operating black for close to six years now. The families have been guaranteed 35% split of the net and so I cannot agree to anything less than five for our controlling interest there.
Are these buyers going to maintain the pension accounts? We are legally bound to those funds and I don’t know what you have drawn up to release us from that obligation. Some of those families are friends of ours and personally, I want to do right by them.
Now this deal with the cash flow needs some work. I’m not running on fumes here, but currently there is no positive income either. Things have been a little dicey out here and until I have secured employment, I will have to have full access to the funds in the October account. If there are issues with this then please let me know as soon as you can. You have my signature on the release of the vineyards. Control has been transferred to Harry as we had agreed. She is provided for with their margin and the Blac Deice trust fund should cover Joia’s schooling and college expenses.

Next on Sal’s list was Joia’s letter. He looked up and the room was quiet. A quick glance around confirmed that all were busy with their own tasks at hand and after a couple more taps Joia’s letter was on the small display. He read quietly to himself and its content was much the same as the others that he had received. He did note one thing in her message.
It would seem that things were not as calm and settled as what Harry had presented. According to Joia, Harry had hired a new manager who was frequently welcomed to dinner. Sal could sense a bit of jealousy in her words and he really didn’t know how to respond. This was not some kind of business trip where he’d be back at home in a couple of weeks. It had been settled for five mons between Sal and Harry. They knew that this was going to be a permanent arrangement and had set Joia down to try to explain. It seemed to Sal now, that their little chat wasn’t as successful as they had hoped. He audibly sighed.
Although he had not given much thought of exploring new relationships he could not fault Harry for seeking companionship. In fact, he was a little pleased by the news. The divorce would not be finalized for several mons, as is required by K’Normian law, however it was also not considered unfaithful for one or both to seek outside companionship during this waiting period. Actually this method had saved more marriages than one might think. At any point during this six-mon wait if both parties agreed then the divorce process was reversed. It was dissimilar to other cultures only in that it was an absolute waiting period. There was also a legal requirement for periodic counseling. They had attended several sessions together prior to Sal’s departure and completed their obligated hours of face-to-face. They were both still required to submit a report every mon to their counselor but it was more formality at this point.
The one thing that they definitely agreed upon was that they did not want to subject Joia to the worlds of the cluster. It was that the daily details of these worlds were not widely known that made them seem untamed and unsafe. It was obvious to Sal from his brief conversations with locals that there were families out here however it was definitely not like the calm suburban life they had in Southgate. If Harry knew that he’d risked his life not once but twice in the same day she’d have a cow. Tranquility City, at least, was not a place for an adolescent child. Sal seriously doubted if any of the other worlds were more settled.


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