This is the Hopper that Sal flew at the Academy.


This is a J-Class Merchantman. Sal also flew one of these at the academy.


The Planet K’Normia which is out beyond Aldebaran near Betazed.


Gaia is the continent where Sal, Harry & Joia reside. This continent is the smallest on K’Normia but still 5 times the size of the United States.

Map view

The continent is divided into four major areas. Southgate is shown at the bottom. Sal’s cottage is on the pennisula that extends into the Burgess Sea (NE Southgate).


This is the beginning of the twin-moon eclipse.


And this is what happens when they ‘split’.

Bull's Head

This is a star-chart of the Bull’s Head Commonwealth. K’Normia is in the upper left. Sal’s destination is Theta Tauri, Tranquility.

Tidal Boundary

These are the current Tidal Boundary Colonies, the new developments in the Hyades Cluster.


This is a “H U G E” star chart of the known galaxy

Zoalus Mystery

These are images of the mysterious Glyphs that appeared on the five perfect solids at the exhibit that Sal had visited on K’Normia. This was 15 years ago.

Zoalus Alphabet

Zoalus Numbers
10 Newly discovered glyphs. They did not appear on solids

Low Order Glyphs
Lower Order or simple Glyphs

Second Order Glyphs
Second Order Glyphs

High Order Glyphs
High Order Glyphs

Zoalus Mandala
Zoalus Mandala

Zoalus Mandala III
Zoalus Mandala III


These are the discovered Class-M systems in the Hyades Cluster.
55 Tauri
I – Hohe Wolken – gas giant.
Ia – Manta – Class-M moon.

80 Tauri
II – Bla Is – pronounced ‘blue ice’, class-M.
IIa – Bla Is Mon – and it’s habitable moon.

81 Tauri
III – Roccia Scura – large terrestrial planet with no atmosphere.
IIIa – Panaramny – cold class-M moon.
IIIb – Umazano Oblaki – temperate class-M moon.

83 Tauri
VI – White Jupiter – large gaseous Jupiter-like.
VIa – Collin’s Desert – Arid class-M with some terraforming.

89 Tauri
III – enFeu – Very hot and arid class-M planet.
IV – Endelost Hav – cold water world with ice sheets.

b Tauri
II – Shima Furotingu – class-M with tropical floating organic land masses.
III – Inel Mondiale – class-M water world with huge rings.

epsilon Tauri
III – Lavendel – class-M planet with sparse land vegatation but vast algae floats.

iota Tauri
III – Kra’sna’ Modra’ – Temperate class-M planet.

theta Tauri
II – Tranquility – Highly developed class-M colony.

upsilon Tauri
I – Jesen – Gaseous sub-giant.
Ia – Goldrock – Highly developed class-M moon with purple seas and gold-orange skies.
II – Pra’sino Nera’ – Class-M desert world with flora or fauna only in seas.

HD 26736
II – Azul – Earth-like class-M world.
III – Oase Wuste – Cold class-M world.

HD 28069
III – Dull Star – Large gaseous giant planet.
IIIa – Dilitirio – Strange and highly class-J toxic planet.
IIIb – Pilinos – Earth-like class-M world.



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